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In our school, whatever the challenge,

we aim high with God in our hearts

Behaviour-Rules & Sanctions


We are proud of our children at St. Stephen’s and have high expectations of all of our pupils.  To ensure we reach these goals, we have a set of expectations for both staff and pupils, which we strive to achieve every day.  The expectations are outlined below:


At St. Stephen’s C.E.P. we want the children to:

  • Achieve and succeed all aspirations;

  • Display excellent standards of behaviour;

  • Feel safe and secure in their environments;

  • Care for and show respect for their school, the staff within it as well as the wider community;

  • Demonstrate high expectations of themselves and their teachers;

  • Value diversity for different racial groups, genders whilst opposing racism and discrimination of any form;

  • Develop and mature into valuable members of the school and community;

  • Be honest and respectful towards each other;

  • Value and understand other people’s needs.

  • Ensure that pupils use ICT appropriately and responsibly (see  Online Safety policy)


At St. Stephen’s C.E.P. all staff members should:

  • Create a positive and caring climate with high expectations in which learning can take place;

  • Praise in public, reprimand in private;

  • Emphasise the importance of being valued as an individual within the group;

  • Promote, through example, honesty and courtesy;

  • Encourage relationships based on kindness, mutual respect and understanding of the needs of others including parents, staff and governors;

  • Ensure fair treatment for all regardless of such characteristics as age, gender, race, sexual orientation, ability and disability;

  • Show appreciation of the efforts and contributions of all;

  • Help the children to understand and accept responsibility for their own actions and support them making better decisions in future;

  • Respect and complete weekly monitoring of behaviour;

  • Foster awareness and concern for the school and local environment;

  • Utilise all curriculum areas, e.g. R.E, P.E, PSHE, outdoors etc. to underpin the ethos of the school;

  • Report any misuse of ICT & the internet as part and parcel of the behaviour sanctions.



We have a set of firm yet fair sanctions that are in place for children who may show poor behaviour & attitudes and who do not follow school rules or expectations.  Before staff put sanctions in place, procedures are as follows:

  • It must be clear why the sanction is being applied.

  • It must be made clear what changes in behaviour are required to avoid future punishment.

  • Group punishment should be avoided as it breeds resentment.

  • There should be a clear distinction between minor and major offences.

  • It should be the behaviour rather than the person that is punished.

  • The sanction must not be out of proportion to the offence.

  • The sanction will fit the misdemeanour wherever possible

The sanctions we have in place at St. Stephen’s can be found in the behaviour policy.

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