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Golden Rules & Sanctions



At St. Stephen’s we promote a positive ethos where we celebrate all of our pupil’s achievements.  To support this we reward children for many different reasons.  Below is an outline of the rewards children receive and what they receive them for:


Praise is a key part of every staff member’s daily practice.  At St. Stephen’s we:

  • Praise individually, as a group, as a class, as a whole school, in private, in class, in  assembly and explain clearly what the praise has been given for;
  • Feedback praise to parents – by speaking to the parent or using notes home, texts, etc;
  • Give out merits, stickers, smiley faces, certificates, prizes, team tokens;
  • Provide extra responsibilities.  For example, monitor jobs etc.



  1. Challenge stay green – Each week the children’s traffic light behaviour system is monitored.  If all of the class stay on green they then achieve 100% and a ‘good to be green’ sticker is awarded to the classes.  This is then calculated and tracked throughout the weeks and the winning class at the end of each term have a ‘behaviour reward day’.  This is a trip outside of school linked with BRFC where the children partake in various sporting activities.
  2. Team tokens – rewarded for behaviour & modelling Christian/British values - Each child and member of staff belong to one of four teams, each team has captains and vice captains to represent them.  Team tokens are given for good behaviour and demonstrating the school values, they are collected in class and taken at the end of the week to the central collection point where they are counted and a winner announced at the end of each half term.  An appropriate reward will be received by the winning team decided by the school council and house captains.  Display the reward in the classroom as an incentive.  Maximum of tokens given at any one time is 1.
  3. Merits – rewarded for excellent work & positive attitudes to learning – these are collected on various coloured cards.  Once filled with 10 merits, a certificate is given.  Each Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Award requires 3 certificates – therefore a total of 9 certificates are available throughout the year.  A maximum number of merits given at one time should not exceed 2 (only in exceptional circumstances).  Merits given for examples of improved standards against their own performance (pride in own work/doing your best)

Aut. term-Bronze award-10 steps Spr. term-Silver award-20 steps Sum. term-Gold-30 steps & Platinum award – 40 steps

  1. Dojo points – rewarded for excellent attitudes to learning – Points are given for a variety of signs of positive behaviour and can be taken away, if negative points are given then the children MUST move their name on the traffic light system.  These will be used as a class-based behaviour tool only and not shared with parents. There is no expectation that this is used.  Photographs should not be put onto the Dojo system.  Children should be given no more than 5 points at any one time. 
  2. Captain’s table – Children who are chosen by the welfare staff for showing good manners and good behaviour during lunchtime are invited to eat lunch on Friday at the Captain’s table with members of staff and SLT.
  3. Oscar winners – Each week the teacher nominates a child from their class who has worked hard or shown excellent behaviour throughout the week.  That child is then invited to the Captains table to eat their lunch with the Captain’s table winners.
  4. Golden Time’ – Time on Friday afternoon (2:30pm) where the children take part in enrichment activities, behaviour depends on how long they get for Golden time.
  5. Good to be green rosette-If a child has stayed on green all week they are randomly selected to receive a rosette-kept in the SLT office.


We have a set of Golden rules in and around school that are expected to be adhered to and followed at all times.  They are as follows:


Our school rules

  How they link with our school values

We are gentle (We don’t hurt others)

Peace, joy, patience, friendship, forgiveness, compassion

We are kind and helpful (We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings)

Kindness, hope, tolerance, love, reconciliation, thankfulness

We listen (We don’t interrupt)


We are honest (We don’t cover up the truth)

Co-operation, justice, courage, trust

We work hard (We don’t waste our own or others’ time)

Self-esteem, perseverance, wisdom, service

We look after property (We don’t waste or damage things)

Self-control, respect, humility, responsibility


*These are discussed with the children and understood/agreed by all the children in all the classes*

Children are also encouraged to value their own and other people’s cultural heritage and be made aware of the effects of their behaviour on their own health and safety and on the health and safety of others.

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