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Remote Learning

Working from home information for parents


The following information will outline what St. Stephen's provide as part of our 'remote learning' package. The information applies to situations including national lockdown, self-isolation, periods of quarantine and class bubble closures.


Below, is a link that will take you to a suggested timetable to help you support routines at home:

This may support you with behaviour at home and embedding good routines which we know lead to positive learning behaviour and positive wellbeing for both children and parents.



We understand that not all pupils will have access to devices which allow them to access their remote learning on our online learning platform Showbie or daily live lessons and worship on Zoom. As a school we have provided over 160 devices to our families who do not have access to computers or I-Pads and we are in the process of applying for further devices with the DfE. Our Apple technician and IT technician continue to work on-site and are available to fix or support families with any devices they have at home. We provide families with Vodaphone SIM cards that allow them free 90 days internet access. 

Paper work packs have been provided and delivered to home for children and families who continue to struggle accessing Showbie. Work packs are completed and families are offered further packs upon dropping off completed work at school. Some families have opted to upload pieces of completed work onto Showbie so that it can be marked and feedback is provided by the class teacher.

Our school website and class pages include external links to resources and live lessons pre-recorded by companies such as the National Oak Academy, which further supports and enhances home learning.

We expect parents to fully encourage access and engagement with our remote learning package and where possible we ask parents to work alongside their children. Where parents may struggle, we ask that you make contact with the school where there will be someone available to work through any issues.



During periods of remote learning the school day starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm. Whilst we may recommend a timetable to parents we would ask parents to organise the day that suits their home and child. We would expect frequent breaks to be built into the day.

Each class teacher provides 2-3 hours of daily live lessons, which take place during the morning and afternoon; these sessions offer support to your child in completing their work successfully and is an opportunity for any misunderstandings to be addressed - we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE all pupils to attend all live lessons offered.

There is daily registration starting from 9am and we expect all pupils to attend registration every day.

In between the live lessons independent work is uploaded on the children's Showbie pages and all children are expected to complete all pieces of work; this is marked and feedback is provided by your child's class teacher and all questions are answered in a timely manner.

Staff are asked to be available throughout the day on Showbie to further support pupils and parents with home learning.

Our support staff team offer drop in sessions/small group intervention throughout the day to further support the children whilst learning from home. Please enquire about this if needed with the class teacher.



We at St. Stephen's pride ourselves on an enriching and ambitious curriculum and we teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school where possible, however adaptations have been made where necessary. 

Each day the children will be given an English, Maths and Guided Reading task on Showbie - this work is supported by the live lessons provided. All teachers also provide foundation subject tasks throughout the week to ensure that our broad and balanced curriculum continues to be offered. It is important that the children continue to work in the afternoon so that they can experience a range of subjects.

Enrichment activities will continue to be provided remotely, with our external providers offering live lessons on Zoom (all links are posted on your child's Showbie page). We currently offer PE with BRFC, music with Bolton music service, Yoga with Mrs Lang and Science with the Mad Science company. 

The enrichment activities are rotated around the year groups throughout the year so that all children experience at least one of our enrichment activities.

Commercially available websites are used by our staff and they further support the teaching of specific subjects. Pupils have log in details for TT Rockstars, Mymaths and Oxford Owl and all of these can be accessed at home.



All staff monitor how well the children are engaging with their work on Showbie and track attendance on live lessons & registration daily - this is then reported to the school leaders.

At St. Stephen's we aspire to achieve 100% engagement from all pupils in all year groups. Feedback is provided daily on all pieces of work and this may take the form of ticks, spots, voice notes or challenging questions, which we expect the pupils to respond to. Staff may provide quizzes as part of their assessments to check pupils' level of understanding. Live lessons are used not only to support learning but also to gauge pupil's understanding and further support is offered where required.

If we are concerned or worried about the lack of engagement with home learning then we have a system where class teachers, support staff members and school leaders make personal phone calls home to further encourage pupils and parents to support our vision of 100% engagement. This may mean that further support is given in accessing the work set. Personal messages may also be sent over Showbie to remind pupils to complete certain pieces of work or editing and improvement requests are made. 

Where serious concerns are evident, places at school for the children are discussed at weekly leadership meetings.






Click the link below which will take you to our Remote Learning Policy where you will find further information, times and top tips for working at home.

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