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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome to our Year 2 class page. We have lots of exciting learning experiences to share with you. Below is a brief overview of our first half-term of learning. If you have any questions please feel free to come and asksmiley


Our class teachers are

Miss Parker                          Mrs Gheewala

2 Holly                                  2 Maple



Autumn Term 1

What we are learning:


Topic: 'Fire Fire'.

This topic focuses on teaching the children about 'The Great Fire of London' in 1666, looking at the changes between then and the present and the impact the fire had. 


Literacy: 'Fables' and 'African Tales'


This half-term we will be focusing on classic Fable tales, most of which are stories that contain fire and link to the 'Great Fire of London'. Some of the stories which we will look at are: 'How fox stole fire' and 'How rabbit stole the fire'.  We will then be starting to look at African Tales such as 'The Fire Children', looking towards our Autumn HT 2 texts.


In our Guided Reading (For children who have completed their phonics) we will be looking at Non Fiction Texts a linking to The Great Fire of London such as Paul Perro's poem - In 1666 and a video from Literacy Shed (



Place Value, Number: Addition and Subtraction

This half-term we will be focusing on embedding children's knowledge of number and place value counting up to and past 100 and understanding the value of each digit. Once the children have a good understanding we will move on to looking at adding and subtracting numbers.


Science: Materials

The first topic focuses on Materials looking at reversible and irreversible change. We will look at recreating the Great fire of London by burning our own model houses.

Great Fire of London Workshop

Autumn Term - dates for your diary


  • Wednesday 5th September - School re-opens
  • Thursday 6th September - Year 2 Meet the Parents
  • Thursday 20th September - Harvest Service in Church led by Year 4
  • Tuesday 9th October - Parents Evenings 3:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday 10th October - Parents Evenings 5 - 7 pm
  • Friday 19th October - Half term 3:15 pm

Literacy Shed - The Great Fire of London

Literacy Shed Video that will be watched as part of Guided Reading.

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