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Absences & Appointments




St Stephen’s Church of England Primary School promotes the view that regular attendance is important to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for all of our children.



  • To promote excellent attendance.
  • To ensure punctuality.
  • To raise the level of achievement.
  • To provide an effective but manageable means of monitoring attendance for both groups and individuals.
  • To be able to seek for school and/or provide for parents effective and prompt support for families experiencing difficulties over attendance.
  • To raise awareness that unauthorised attendance and poor punctuality is not acceptable.



Children are expected to attend school for the full 190 days of the academic year unless there is a good reason for absence. There are 2 types of absence: -

  • Authorised – where the school approves pupil absence. These absences may include sickness, hospital and emergency dentist appointments and religious holidays. Medical appointments should be arranged if possible out of school hours. Where this is not possible it is expected that the pupil will only miss part of the day.
  • Unauthorised – where the school will not approve pupil absence. These absences include shopping, going to the airport, visiting relatives, parent(s)/carer unwell, excessive appointments without notification.


Please encourage your child to have excellent attendance and a positive punctuality record as every day in school matters and a good start to each day makes a difference.

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