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Hello everyone, welcome to the Music page!

Hello and welcome to our Music page! 

On here you'll find out all about what we're getting up to at St Stephen's Church of England Primary to showcase our musical talents! At St Stephen's, we use a Music scheme throughout school called Charanga. This is used as part of fantastic teacher knowledge and skills to provide an all inclusive and enriched Music programme, progressing through all levels of attainment.


The Benefits of Music

Music is not only something that can be loved and appreciated by everyone through enjoyment, but it also has lots of educational benefits, particularly for children. Please find a useful website link below and some extracts from this, which highlight just how beneficial Music can be in supporting a young person's academic progress.

-Children who study Music tend to have larger vocabularies 

-Children in schools with an enriched Music programme scored higher in Mathematics and English

-Studying Music could have cognitive benefits similar to those evident in bilingual children and can support this

-Everyday listening skills are better in those children who have a more enriched Music programme 

-Children with learning needs or dyslexia who may lose focus more easily, tend to benefit greatly from Music lessons

-Children with better Music pedagogy and experience tend to have better memory



Click here to look at an overview of the scheme

Click below to see our overview of Music this academic year at St Stephens:

Our Music Policy

2020 Music in School!


As we all know, coming back to school has presented many changes for both the staff and children, and also for Music. At the moment, our school is still alive with the sound of Music, and we are still listening to our most loved and favourite songs throguhout the day. Mrs Caswell from Bolton Music Service is still running Music CPD lessons on Wednesday afternoons, which the children are thoroughly enjoying. Year 4 still continue with their Musical instrument lessons where they have the opportunity to learn the Ukulele. 

We have also been using Music as a way to relax and find time to unwind.

Below are some useful Music websites that children can access at home to develop their Musical skills, or to help relax.




Music Link-


Pop UK

In 2019 we were delighted to be able to welcome back Pop UK! Children in all year groups were able to learn new songs, enjoying singing them and even recording them to make an album! The school was alive with music and the children really enjoyed this experience. Children were able to take part in afternoon and evening concerts, where they sang and performed their new music. Thank you to all the families and friends that came along to join in with our concerts and enjoying the children's music. We are still enjoying our Pop UK songs that the children recorded!

We can't wait to welcome Pop UK back in the near future!



Worship and Singing Practise

We use some fantastic songs as part of our worship in school. Along with producers of various collections that we use, we subscribe to an online source called The songs have religious and moral content which the children love to sing. The children learn signs along with the songs to help them remember and enjoy the words. The Fischy Music leader Stephen Fischbacher came to school to lead a two day workshop teaching the children new songs which resulted in a performance for the parents. In addition to singing, we listen to a wide range of music on entry and exit to our Worship time with God. This may be quiet and reflective or lively and fun-loving. Each week, we practise our songs in singing practise. 

You can visit the Fischy Music website and sample some of the songs using the link below:

 Fantastic support from the Bolton/Blackburn with Darwen Music Service


We continue our fantastic partnership with the music service, who have been supporting our teachers professional development in Music sessions.  Angela Caswell is currently working with our class teachers in delivering our online 'Charanga' music scheme, to ensure the highest quality of Music is being delivered to our children. 

Throughout school, our children are learning to sing, play instruments, compose, and appreciate all genres of music from classical to rap. Take a look at the scheme through the link below:


Pop UK Concert!

Useful websites-

BBC Bitesize Music Year KS1

BBC Bitesize Music KS2-

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