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Welcome to our Science page.
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Home Experiment for Science!!



While at home then why not have a look at completing some simple fun science experiments!!


Have a look at this one.....


STEM challenge's!!


1. Spaghetti challenge:


20 pieces of spaghetti 

60cm piece of tape 

60cm length of string 

1 marshmellow or an item that is similar.


Build a tower using the resources above and then balance your marshmellow on the top. Work with your family members to build it together.


2. Balloon challenge:


A pack of balloons (you will need to blow them up)

80cm piece of tape.


Create a tower using the inflated balloons and tape. Work with your family members to build it together.


Who can build the tallest tower?


Have fun working together and using your science and math's skills to engineer your tower!


Take a picture and send this to your friends on the blog. 



At St. Stephen's Church of England Primary we want children to develop an interest in science and engineering through practical hands on experiences and for every child to become an inquisitive learner with a passion to develop and test their own theories.

Science in our school is about developing children’s ideas and ways of working that enable them to make sense of the world in which they live through investigation, as well as using and applying process skills.


Through effective teaching of Science we aim to:


  • Develop each child’s ability to observe and find patterns, raise questions, experiment and investigate reason systematically and logically, solve problems and communicate.
  • Complement other areas of the curriculum, with children applying mathematical and literacy skills into their science work through the various experiments we undertake.
  • Support children to have the skills to enable them to access relevant scientific information, to enable them to speak confidently about planning and following through their enquiries.
  • Develop children’s ability to work in a variety of ways including, working  independently, collaboratively in groups and with partners and as a whole class. Building confidence to continue this ability into the other area's of learning across the school.
  • Follow the programmes of study at each Key Stage of the National Curriculum, including the Early Learning Goals for the Foundation Stage, in order to develop scientific skills, knowledge and understanding,
  • Provide a scientifically stimulating environment.
  • Nurture and inspire pupils to have a positive response to science and aspiring them to achieve well or even become scientist themselves.
  • Give the children chance to explore Science through wider opportunities at school through the experience of ELE's and passport for life.
  • Encourage children to explore and investigate God's wonderful world that is all around us and enrich their scientific learning through the exciting environment that we have all around us.



Science overview 2019-2020

Extra Curricular

During the academic year science clubs are taught by Mrs Carr (Open to all year groups throughout the academic year).  These provide additional opportunities for children to participate in practical science and engineering activities.

Here are a few useful websites featuring video clips and further information.

Our wonderful displays around school!

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