St Stephen's Church of EnglandPrimary School

Respect, Aspire, Achieve

In our school, whatever the challenge,

we aim high with God in our hearts



Try a puzzle to keep those brains GROWING.


YES ...

Your brain makes new pathways

 when you tackle something tricky and have to THINK HARD.


  The link below will take you to a puzzle/challenge.

  Do post a comment on the blog - look in MRS WATSON to find the puzzle posts.

  Let me know how you get on.




Try out the Aquila Mega Mag or April 2020 magazine links below

to discover the excitement of Aquila:




92 pages!!!


                        They cover: Science


                                                        Maths and Puzzles 

                                                                Art and music 

                                                                        Philosophy and PHSE



Aquila children’s magazine is a great space for all who want to find out more.

This magazine, written with enquiring 8-12 year olds in mind, goes out to our Year 4 and Year 5 classes on a rota basis over the academic year. Each month there is a theme, through which Aquila will explore maths, science, literacy, history, art …. and general knowledge with many articles.


As well as all this there is a double page spread of superb competitions! In non Covid times entries are encouraged. Currently we have moved to the Online Challenges set by the Aquila Team which are then posted on the class's Showbie page. Merits, team tokens are available for all competitors, and of course a prize for the overall winner each month.

The recent results are:

Maths Competitions

Occasionally we hold Maths Competitions for pupils in school, where we encourage pupils to work systematically, and record and enter their thinking processes along side their solutions.

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