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Welcome to St Stephen's History page! 

The aim in teaching History in our school is to give each child opportunities to develop an awareness of the past. We feel it is important for our children to acquire a sense of the past, as each child needs to know where they are in relation to their immediate past and what went before this. Through studying history, we hope to bring about a sense of belonging, of having roots within our community and country, of cultures and traditions which can give each child an invaluable sense of belonging to their past as well as to their present. We hope to provide our children with an experience of history which is both valid and stimulating.


We can find out about the past through other subjects too like RE and gain an understanding of the timeline of different religions and the life span of Jesus' time on earth.  



History Curriculum Map.

The children have benefitted from many ELE's (Essential Learning Experiences). Year 2 had a visit from the Great Fire of London workshop and Year 6 took part in a Mayan workshop.
We've had 1 2 6 8 2 Visitors