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EYFS Home Learning - W/C Monday 8th June 2020


Welcome back to our second Summer half term. 

We all hope that you have had a lovely break and have managed to enjoy the sun!

From today we are now using our new online learning platform-Showbie so all of your work will be posted onto this website from now on.

Please follow the link below to be directed to the website and use your personal log in details that were given out before the half term break.





Online safety activities to complete with your child.


Please find below an activity pack to complete with your child regarding online safety which is very important to follow.


There is also a reward chart that you can complete with your child too.


Have fun and remember to stay safe!! 





The Reception Unit has two classes, Oak and Elm,
with the children accessing learning across the whole unit. 

This page will provide information on this terms topic,
links to websites, useful resources and important information and dates. 


       Oak Class                                Elm Class 

Mrs Farrimond                                Mrs Carr


Our topic for our second summer term is 

'Why are farms important?'


During this half term we will be continuing learning about growth. We will be thinking and looking at where our food comes from and how these grow. We will be exploring in particular where fruit and vegetables come from and especially what they need to grow. If you are growing your own vegetable and fruit at home then create and keep a diary of their growth and see what happens each day. We will also be looking at farms and why these are important to us. Have a think about the following:

Why do we need farms and what do they do? 

How can we help our local farmers?


Use Showbie to respond to us and show us your diaries.


This is an exciting half term in Reception where the children will be learning about, 'The little red hen' story during Literacy and continuing to learn sounds during phonics to help with our reading and writing. We will be using this story to develop our writing skills and our phonological awareness through using our new skill of Fred fingers to help us segment and blend the words we need. We will be exploring how we can change the story in order to write our own version of this story.  We will also explore other stories that are written in a similar way. Throughout this topic we will be exploring Non-Fiction books and we will be incorporating these into our very own stories.


In Numeracy we will be exploring numbers, accurate counting and ordering from 0-20. We will be also looking at different ways to represent numbers accurately to help us to begin to find one more and one less than a given number. We will also be using this new knowledge to help us begin to add two groups of numbers. We will be then using our number skills to look at subtracting two groups of numbers. We will also be exploring how we can share, halve and double so using numbers in a variety of different ways. During this half term we will also be exploring time, money and re-visiting capacity plus weight.


Throughout the half term in our RE sessions we will be exploring special times. During this half term we will be looking at special places that are visited in different religions. We will also be looking at the importance of these places in the religions. We will also be exploring our new value of the half term-courage!


Our PE sessions are as follows:

Elm/Oak-Each morning following Joe Wicks on you tube.


Please ensure that your child's PE kit is in school on the first day of term. Thank you.

Please ensure that the uniform policy is followed at all times. Please make sure that no boots are worn and that the children are wearing sensible black school shoes. Please also ensure that earrings are plain gold studs. 


Our newsletters are sent out at the beginning of each half term. Please look out for them as they contain information about upcoming events as well as topic information. You can read our latest newsletter here.

Home Reading!


While at school we will send home a home reader with your child for you to help with their reading. It is very important and a vital part of your child's education to practise reading at home. This will help to improve your child's identification of their sounds, blending and segmenting words and improve their fluency of reading. 


The first set of books we send home with your child are usually picture books fro your child to talk through with you. Throughout the book it is important to ask your child simple questions in order to check their understanding.


We now offer daily reading sessions each morning with your child according to their key worker group. Please see the parents notice board for your day and come into class to enjoy some 1:1 reading with your child.


Should you need any help at all please do not hesitate in speaking to a member of staff who will be more than happy to help.

For further information and support to help your child pronounce their phonetic letter sounds please visit the below website:


Read Write Inc Phonics support

Home learning fun!


Please use the websites below for some home learning fun. Encourage your child to continue to read, write and count as they enjoy their weekend adventures.




Star of the Week and Oscar Winners!

Please see our parents board (in the cloakroom for this week's winners!  


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