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Year 2

Year 2 Home Learning

Well done for finding the Year 2 home learning page. Every day on here you will find a Maths and English task that must be completed in your home learning books.  Write the date as you would do at school and complete the tasks to the best of your ability.  If you are struggling you can always respond to the 'Help!' blog for advice. 


Don't forget to try and complete activities from your home learning packs.  MyMaths will also be updated daily with new tasks to complete.  Look out for battles being set up on Times Table Rockstars! Join in with a daily P.E session at 9:00am on you tube with Joe Wicks.






Complete the My Maths task everyday. 

Log on to TT Rockstars and practise your times tables.


Monday 30th March


30p + 15p =

29p -19p

11 x 2 =

28 ÷ 2 =


Can you partition the following numbers in to tens and ones?

45          89          56          90           12




Picture talk


  • How many animals can you see on the ark? How many animals can you see in the water?
  • List the animals you can see.
  • What has happened here?
  • Why is the boat sinking?
  • Why were the animals (and the man) on the boat in the first place?
  • What do you think is going to happen? How could the boat be stopped from sinking?


Friday 27th March


8 + 5 + 2 =

84 - 4 =

6 x 5 =

16 ÷ 2 =

Which shape is the odd one out? Explain your answer.



Read the text and questions carefully and answer in full sentences in your books.


1. What covered most of the land in North America two hundred years ago?

2. What job did the cowboys do?

3. Why did the cowboys become friends with each other?

4. Why did horses have to be strong?

5. Where is the cowboy in the song from?


Don't forget to check the class blogs for more activities.












Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome to our Year 2 class page. We have lots of exciting learning experiences to share with you. Below is a brief overview of our half-term of learning. If you have any questions please feel free to come and ask.smiley 


We can't wait to work with you and your child encompassing God's love in everything we do.


'I will instruct you in the way you should go, I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.'

Psalm 32:8


Our class teachers are

Miss Parker                                           Mrs Gheewala

2 Holly                                  2 Maple


Our Teaching Assistants are:

Holly Class - Mrs Makda and Miss Fiz (SSA)

Maple Class - Mrs Mukadam

Spring 1

This term our topic will have the science focus of 'Plants'.


In English we will be rewriting the story of 'Wild' by Emily Hughes making sure that it has a clear beginning, middle and end.  Following this we will take the story of 'The Little Gardener' by the same author and writing a setting description using one of her beautiful illustrations.



In Maths we begin to work with Fractions followed by learning to measure length and height.  Please continue to practise your 2, 5 and 10 times table on Times Table Rockstars.



In Science we will be exploring plants.  We will plant seeds and bulbs and test the different conditions a plant needs to be able to grow.



In R.E. we will be learning about Easter celebrations and symbols. This unit will give children an understanding that symbols are pictures or objects with a deeper meaning and a story to tell. In addition to this it will extend the children’s knowledge of the Easter story and the concept of salvation.





In art this term we will learn how to make printed patterns using the work of William Morris as inspiration.  We will link our art to computing where will ask ourselves the question, 'Can you create better art with a computer?'.








Don't forget to read every day.  Get lost in a good book!



Why don't you read some of the recommended books for Year 2?

Click here and choose a book title you may want to read! 





Check out our 3D models of the houses on Pudding Lane!

Still image for this video

We Love to Read!


Spring Term dates:


  • School re-opens - Monday 24th February
  • Shrove Tuesday - Tuesday 25th February
  • Ash Wednesday/ Start of Lent - Wednesday 26th February
  • Come and Watch Me Learn English - Wednesday 4th March
  • World Book Day - Thursday 5th March
  • Mother's Day Pamper - Thursday 19th March 
  • Messy Easter - Monday 30th March
  • Easter Celebration in Church - Thursday 2nd April
  • School closes - Friday 3rd April @ 2pm.



Future visits and special days:


23rd June 2020 - Blackpool Sea-Life Centre trip

We need your support!


Home Reading

Please support us by ensuring you listen to your child read everyday and sign their home reading books. Home reading books will be changed twice a week. 


School Library

Your children will bring an additional library book which will be changed on a weekly basis. Please encourage your child to read this as well.


Weekly Homework

Homework will be given out every Friday and this will vary each week. 


Weekly Spellings

A spelling list will be sent home every Friday. Please help your child practise these.


Times Tables

Please help your child learn their times tables facts. By the end of year 2 children should know the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication facts.

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