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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to Autumn 1!

This page will provide information on the topic of this term, links to the websites and important information and dates.



Rowan Class                                               Birch Class

Mrs Carr                                                 Miss Mathieson



Our topic this term is: 

What is a family?

Below are our interesting areas of focus for this half term in each subject. You will also find some Key Questions and Key Vocabulary to discuss with your child:



We will begin with Our Talk 4 writing text :

Little Red Riding Hood


Writing Outcome:

To innovate a story and be able to use some basic punctuation as part of their writing i.e. capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Apply knowledge of embedded sounds to their writing.

Form all lower case letters correctly.


Number: Build on our knowledge of place value within 10 and understand how this can change when more is added or some is taken away.


This half term we will be learning all about Human Body.

Why did God give us 5 senses?

How does my body work? 

What could be our sixth sense?

 Is there a part of my body I could live without?

Do our senses get better as we get older?

We will be exploring the different parts of our body and naming these as well as looking at all of our senses to build a greater understanding of these.



This half term we will be learning about changes within living memory.

Where does my family come from?

How did children play in the past?

Were the toys better in the past?

Was life harder in the past? 


Talk to your children about what your childhood was like and how things have changed since you were little.


Vocabulary: New, old, past, long ago, changes.



We are focusing on

What is a family? 

Identifying special people and what they mean to us. Looking at who is in our family network and who looks after us.



This half term we will deepen the understanding of Baptism.

What does it mean to belong? 

We will gain a deeper understanding of the celebration of baptism and what this means to belong.


Useful websites


Showbie -

Zoom -

My Maths -

Times Tables Rockstars -

Oxford Owl -

Oak National Academy -

White Rose Maths -

Useful Websites 

Useful websites

The following websites will help you to support your child's learning at home, using fun and interactive games and songs.  

Year 1 Curriculum Map


Please have a look at our Year 1 Curriculum Map which will give you a detailed overview of our learning this year in all subject areas. It also gives you extra exciting information about any trips, visits and additional learning experiences the children will enjoy this year!


Year 1 Curriculum Newsletters - 2021/22

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