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Year 1

Home learning 



Our Talk 4 writing story this term is 'Taking Flight'. Follow the link below to watch the video:


Children to discuss their favourite part of the story and why they have chosen this part.  



Starter: children to count from 1 - 20, forwards and backwards. 


WALT: to find one more and one less. 

RECAP on key vocabulary what is more/less. Share with an adult. 



Children will be given a number 1 - 20. Children to then write what is one less than that number and one more. e.g.             10 = one less than 10 is 9

                                one more than 10 is 11

Repeat with other numbers.

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome Back!

This page will provide information on this terms topic, links to the websites and important information and dates.



Rowan Class                                               Birch Class

Mrs Hussain                                             Miss Mathieson


Our topic for our first half term is 

What is a family?


Below are our interesting areas of focus for this half term in each subject. You will also find some Key Questions and Key Vocabulary to discuss with your child:



We will begin with the short film story ‘Taking Flight’. We will make story maps, retell the story, complete writing about the story and much more!

adventure, diary, jungle

Have you ever been on an



This half term we are thinking a lot about

numbers—ordering them, recognising value and

comparing amounts.

sort, value, compare

Can you find a number

greater than/less than…?


This half term we will be learning all about our amazing bodies! Can you name all the parts of your body from head to toe?

body, vital organ, senses

Which is the most important part of your body? Why?


We will be talking our families and comparing them to other families around the world. We will also delve into our recent


family tree, history, the past

Where does my family come from?


We are focusing on families and the relationships that

exist within families. We will also explore different types of


family, relationships

What is a family?



This half term will be

exploring the Christian      celebration of Baptism.

Alongside this we will discuss how different religions      welcome babies into their faith.

Baptism, faith, welcome

What does it mean to belong?


Useful Websites 

Year 1 Curriculum Map


Please have a look at our Year 1 Curriculum Map which will give you a detailed overview of our learning this year in all subject areas. It also gives you extra exciting information about any trips, visits and additional learning experiences the children will enjoy this year!


Some highlights from our Curriculum Maps include:

  • Our trip to Church to meet with our vicar to discuss Baptism in Autumn term one.
  • Our trip to Witton Park to explore the outdoors, work on our problem solving skills and build our confidence. 

Year 1 Clubs - Summer Term




Thank you to all our parents who came to our 'Phonics Come and Watch Me Learn' event. We hope it was helpful and showed you lots of ways that you can support your child's reading at home!

This Week's St Stephen's Star and Captain's Table Winners

Our 'Oscar Award' has changed! It is now called our 'St Stephens Star Award'. Children can earn this award by demonstrating our School Values. St Stephens Stars are easily recognisable as they will be allowed to wear a special St Stephens hoody for a week!


Captain's Table Winners are now chosen by the children to encourage children to recognise good behaviour and values in their peers.



Author Damian Harvey came to visit our school!

Thank you to all of our parents who joined us to celebrate International Day of Peace and European Day of Languages

Phonics and Literacy

We love to practise our phonics and literacy skills by singing along to our favourite Scratch Garden songs.


Learn about dividing words, making beats, and counting syllables with this super fun animation:


We use daily number songs to help us learn and recite our number bonds and facts. We love singing along and dancing to Jack Hartmann's counting songs! 


Teach your children to count to 100 as they get some great exercise too. This cool kid-friendly song starts out with a message about staying healthy and fit and having fun counting to 100 together.

Useful websites

The following websites will help you to support your child's learning at home, using fun and interactive games and songs.  

Year 1 Curriculum Newsletters - 2019/20

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