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At St Stephens we follow a Phonics and Reading programme 

called 'Read Write Inc'. 



Children in EYFS and Key Stage One take part in a 30 minute daily Phonics session. Children are grouped according to ability and work in smaller groups with their Phonics teacher. All staff (teachers and teaching assistants) have been trained in how to deliver the programme.


Who is Read Write Inc. for?

The Read Write Inc. programme is for primary school children learning to read.

It enables every child to become a confident and fluent reader at the first attempt. Every child who completes Read Write Inc. learns to read fluently and confidently.



Children begin the programme as they start school in Reception Class. The programme begins by teaching children how to recognise letter sounds. Pictures and rhymes are used to help children recognise the sounds quickly as well as supporting them to write the letters. 


When children are confident with letter sounds they begin to 'orally blend' letters to read simple words. As children grow in confidence and fluency they will then move on to reading whole sentences. 


At the beginning of Reception each session will last approximately 20 minutes per day. By the end of the year, children will build up to a 30-35 minute session every day.


Year 1

Children continue with the programme as they move up into Year 1. Children will continue to learn more complex graphemes and will be supported to increase their reading fluency. Children will also develop skills in comprehension and will be expected to answer questions about what they have read.


Year 2

Children continue the Read Write Inc Programme up if they continue to need phonics support in Year 2. Some children will complete the programme earlier and some will need a little longer on the programme to fully develop their skills. Children who have completed the programme will then take part in class Guided Reading following the Talk for Reading principles.


Key Stage 2

Children who need it, will continue to have phonics support in Years 3 and 4.  Once secure, they will join the guided reading sessions with the rest of their class.  We also run the 'Read Write Inc. Fresh Start' programme for struggling readers in Years 5 and 6.


One to One Tutoring

Any children who staff feel need a little bit of extra support will be allocated a one-to-one tutor. This tutor will work with them daily to support them with any gaps in learning and increase their rate of progress. 


Order of Phonetic Sounds

The sounds in Read Write Inc are split into 3 sets. You can view the sets and the writing rhymes for each sound by clicking on the link below.




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