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Induction for EYFS

It is important to us that you and your child feels happy, confident and safe when you join our school family.


With this in mind we have developed a robust Induction Programme for our new Reception children. It is designed to ensure that both our children and our parents are very familiar and comfortable with both the school and the staff before your child even begins school in September. This means that when your child officially joins our school family at the beginning of September, they are able to settle quickly and feel happy in their new school environment.

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Details of our Induction Programme


During the Summer Term, prior to starting school the following September, there are several parts of Induction that take place. These are detailed below:


  • Parents are invited to attend an ‘Induction Meeting’ at school.
  • Foundation Stage staff visit pre-school settings to meet the children and their Key Workers.
  • Foundation Stage staff complete Home Visits.
  • Children and parents are invited to ‘Stay and Play’ mornings in school.
  • Children visit school with their Key Workers if they are in a pre-school setting and it is possible for nursery staff to accompany them.
  • Children attend an ‘Induction morning’ on their own towards the end of the academic year.
  • Any children with Special Education Needs and children who pre-school staff or parents think will struggle to settle at school are invited to visit weekly during the final half term.


In September, the children have a staggered but swift introduction to school. The children are inducted over the course of three days with twenty new children arriving each day. The youngest children who may have more difficulty in settling start school first and are joined by the rest of the children over the following two days with twenty more joining them each day. 


It is important to say that if you have any questions, queries or concerns at any point you are most welcome to contact school. 

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