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In our school, whatever the challenge,

we aim high with God in our hearts

Year 6

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The teachers in Year 6 are :

6 YEW                6 Beech                                                                             

Mr Seedat          Ms Lalsing
Our teaching assistants are :                                   

Mrs Patel                                                   Mrs Seedat 

Mr Kirkham                                   



what your child will be learning this term:



We will be focusing upon reading a variety of narrative texts linked to the Mayan topic such as: The Jaguar Stones and The Rainplayer. We will be innovating a picture book - The Watchtower and  Writing will focus creating atmosphere using descriptive language, using a wide range of clause structures, high level vocabulary and using punctuation accurately. Spellings will focus on prefixes and suffixes along with the Year 5/6 end of year spellings.



We will be following the White Rose scheme of work which will focusing on reasoning this term and all calculations both written and mental methods, fractions, co-ordinates and aspects of shape. We will also study algebra, ratio, perimeter and volume.


The Mayan Topic


To locate Mexico and other Central American countries. We will analyse key topographical features of Mexico. We will learn about Mayan mythology and learn about Mayan artefacts including following lines of historical enquiry. We will have a Mayan day in school and will be performing a dramatic production. 



We will study the topic of light including how we see and how light travels. We will investigate shadows and research simple optical instruments. 


We will be studying the topic of The Eucharist and the Last Supper. We will explore the significance of the Eucharist for Christians and invite the Reverend to share her experiences with us.  


PE – Outdoors

We will be doing Military school and Mayan dancing.

We will plan sensible approaches to physical challenges.

Use & adapt skills & strategies as situations demand.



We will be learning how to use the internet safely, including an understanding of personal safety and awareness of ICT policies.



We will be learning French using the new Culturetheque scheme.



Dancing in the street using Charanga



Year 6 Curriculum Map

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Diary Dates:

14th Jan: Come and watch me learn (SPAG)

15th Jan: Mayan Day

27th Jan-29th Jan : Robinwood

Week of 12th Feb: Parent family meetings

5th March: World book day





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Essential Learning Experiences (ELE)


Zoolab: The children have the opportunity to explore Rainforest animals for our topic on the Amazon. They will be able to hold the various rainforest animals and learn about how these animals can adapt to their environment. 


Junior Citizenship Awards - 2nd October .

Over the next few weeks, the children will be given the opportunity to explore how they become better citizens in preparation for Year 6 and the transition year into Secondary school. This award will end with a final presentation. 


Remembrance day: The children will lead the Remembrance service in school. Parents are welcome to attend and then the children will lay a wreath at the Cenotaph. 


Mayan Day: The children will participate in the Mayan activities such as drama , playing Pok a Tok etc. They will be able to dress up as a Mayan and taste authentic chocolate. 


Robinwood: The children will build resilience and work as a team to undertake a variety of exciting challenges. The year 6 children love this residential as it enables them to bond with their peers and overcome fears they may have had. Activities include: archery, canoeing,  zip-wire, trapeze and climbing. 


Lightwater Valley- Children will be given the opportunity to earn a well deserved treat after a challenging year.  They will develop confidence and self-esteem whilst overcoming their fears. 


Year 6 Cathedral visit- Children will spiritually prepare for the next journey of life in this transition period being reminded that God is always with them. 







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Homework should be done daily and will take the form of Maths revision using the my maths website as well as daily reading. Please ensure that you discuss books that the children are reading and ask the children questions. Also please ensure that the reading record books are signed daily. 

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