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Year 6

Hello Year 6,


Fancy having a giggle at the expense of your teachers? See their baby and infant pictures in the 'GUESS THE TEACHER' competition below. Your answers must be submitted in the Year 6 Yew/Beech chat blogs. Number your answers, good luck and have fun!

Good Morning, 

Today's lessons are as follows:


Friday 22nd May 




  • 11:00-11:45am READING - Goodnight Mr Tom.

Read chapter 19 and then complete any of the reading journal activities. Please post a picture of your work. 


Time to get creative, plan and invent your own gadget! Complete the remainder of the tasks - edit and up-level your advert. Please publish your work at the end via the blog. 


  •  1:45 pm- 3:15 pm EID CARDS -Please create 2 Eid cards - one practically on card and one virtual one (using ICT skills) that can be shared on our class blog. Look forward to seeing your creativity and art work.


Good luck with all the work set, look forward to seeing you all later! Any questions please ask via the blog.



Summer Curriculum newsletter



The teachers in Year 6 are :

6 YEW                6 Beech                                                                             

Mr Seedat          Ms Lalsing
Our teaching assistants are :                                   

Mrs Patel                                                   Mrs Seedat 

Mr Kirkham                                   



What your child will be learning this Summer term:



We will be focusing on World War 2 and as such will be reading Goodnight Mr Tom and Rose Blanche. We are also studying Russia and will be reading Wolf Wilder. We will write: a non-chronological report,  a setting description, a personification poem, a narrative story and an instructional text.

We will analyse the use of language across the genres. Our transition unit is called ‘The Arrival’.

In addition we will be revising spelling, punctuation and grammar


We will be following the White Rose scheme of work which will focusing on reasoning this term . We will also study geometry and statistics.


The World War 2 and Russia Topics


We will be exploring communication in History and doing a local study. We will also be studying Russia. We will be looking at how humans communicated through the centuries and how life in Blackburn has changed since World War 2. We will use maps to study the topography of Russia and understand what Britain may have learnt from other countries. In Art, we will be studying Lowry.  



We will cover the topic of the Circulatory system as well as Electricity. This will include the function of heart, blood vessels, blood. Impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on bodies. In Electricity we will investigate how to change the brightness (revisit), speed and volume (of a buzzer) Recognise, draw and use symbols in simple circuits. Question, reason and explain the cause and effects in varying the components function including why or why not they may work in a circuit.


We will be learning about Ascension & Pentecost delving deeper into the meaning and impact of these events. We will ask big questions: why is the story of Doubting Thomas so important in the Bible? How can this story have an impact on our own lives? What does it teach us about humanity? We will also understand the nature of God, His characteristics and His relationship with people. We will look at people with faith. Explore what it means for a person to have faith and how having faith affects people’s lives, values and decisions. We will explore how Christian people are called to build God’s kingdom here on earth as well as explore what it means to have no faith.


PE – Outdoors

We will be doing Military school and Mayan dancing.

We will plan sensible approaches to physical challenges.

Use & adapt skills & strategies as situations demand.



We will be learning about electronic communication as well as simulations



We will be learning about items of clothing and colours in addition to aspects of grammar and pronunciation including possessive adjectives and present tense verbs.


Dancing in the street using Charanga



Diary Dates:

14th Jan: Come and watch me learn (SPAG)

15th Jan: Mayan Day

27th Jan-29th Jan : Robinwood

Week of 12th Feb: Parent family meetings

5th March: World book day

Summer term dates- please note that due to schools being closed, these dates will only be confirmed if school resumes.

11th May - 14th May Sats week cancelled

17th June- KS2 Sports day

30th June- Lightwater Valley 

1st July- Transition day for most secondary schools.

2nd July- Cathedral Leavers service

14th July- KS2 Prizegiving

16th July- Leavers Worship with parents to attend. 




Essential Learning Experiences (ELE)


Zoolab: The children have the opportunity to explore Rainforest animals for our topic on the Amazon. They will be able to hold the various rainforest animals and learn about how these animals can adapt to their environment. 


Junior Citizenship Awards - 2nd October .

Over the next few weeks, the children will be given the opportunity to explore how they become better citizens in preparation for Year 6 and the transition year into Secondary school. This award will end with a final presentation. 


Remembrance day: The children will lead the Remembrance service in school. Parents are welcome to attend and then the children will lay a wreath at the Cenotaph. 


Mayan Day: The children will participate in the Mayan activities such as drama , playing Pok a Tok etc. They will be able to dress up as a Mayan and taste authentic chocolate. 


Robinwood: The children will build resilience and work as a team to undertake a variety of exciting challenges. The year 6 children love this residential as it enables them to bond with their peers and overcome fears they may have had. Activities include: archery, canoeing,  zip-wire, trapeze and climbing. 


Lightwater Valley- Children will be given the opportunity to earn a well deserved treat after a challenging year.  They will develop confidence and self-esteem whilst overcoming their fears. 


Year 6 Cathedral visit- Children will spiritually prepare for the next journey of life in this transition period being reminded that God is always with them. 








Homework should be done daily and will take the form of Maths revision using the my maths website as well as daily reading. Please ensure that you discuss books that the children are reading and ask the children questions. Also please ensure that the reading record books are signed daily. 

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