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Year 6


The teachers in Year 6 are :

6 Yew                                                                                                   6 Beech
Mr Seedat                                                                                       Miss Sheth

Teaching assistant: Mrs Patel                                                                     Teaching assistant: Mrs Seedat

Supporting teachers: Mrs Watson and Mrs Shivnan         

Year 6 start and end times: 8.30am -3.00pm (Robinson Street)


Welcome back for Summer!

During this challenging year, your support has been much appreciated by all staff. We hope we can continue to work together to create even more special memories with the Year 6 children in their final term at St Stephen's. 


Core subject Focus Areas: 

Guided Reading:

The Wolf Wilder by Katehrine Rundell will form our guided reading text this term. Children will embed inference skills and will continue to be given opportunities to develop their fluency and oracy skills throughout the curriculum. In order to continue supporting the school’s priority of reading, please encourage your child to read on a daily basis at home. Question your children about the books they are reading in school and at home and help develop your child's love for reading using our top tips guide on Showbie.


Writing will follow the ‘Talk for Writing’ strategies and children will continue to develop their written skills in a range of ways. Children will be putting their creative writing skills to the test by writing an alternative ending and a piece of dialogue for a missing scene.


Our Maths focus this half term will be Geometry- properties of shape. This will involve recovering objectives from last year such as: using a protractor to draw and measure angles, drawing shapes accurately and working out missing angles . Children will be provided with the opportunity to use concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to gain a strong understanding of  mathematical concepts. We will also study statistics, including different graphs and charts.
Arithmetic will, as always, also continue to be a focus throughout this term. 


Big question: How can we reduce the amount of electricity we use?
This term will continue our focus on the Physics strand, electricity in particular. Children will be investigating how to change the brightness, speed and volume of a buzzer as well as question, reason and explain the cause and effects in varying the components of a circuit. 

Foundation subject Focus Areas:
British Value: Tolerance

PSHE : Independence and responsibility

RE : Ascension and Pentecost
History:  Have the World's deserts always been deserts?

Geography: Deserts
Music :  You've got a friend- Carole King's music

DT:  Designing and making a fairground using an electrical motor
Computing:  Electronic communication and Internet safety

PE:   Dance and Gymnastics

Passport for Life:   Blackburn Rovers sessions and Mad Science (Tuesday afternoon)


It is essential that homework tasks are completed on a daily basis, in the set time. Tasks will be set from the revision books, on the My Maths website and the Showbie learning platform. Daily reading should also take place at home. Please ensure that you discuss books that the children are reading and ask the children questions. Also please ensure that the reading record books are signed daily. 

Top tips: How to remain positive during challenging times

Snowcial Distancing!

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