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Welcome to St Stephen's Geography page!


The aim in teaching Geography in our school is to allow each child an awareness of the interrelationship people have with the environments with which they interact. This sets geography apart from any other subject.  Geography lies at the heart of all major challenges and opportunities that the human race faces today, be it population migration, climate change or realising the potential of new energy sources.

Each child will have the opportunity to explore this in very simple and basic terms. Firstly children are encouraged to distinguish between geographical features that are essentially ‘human’ in origin and those physical features that are natural or at least semi-natural.

Children at St Stephen’s will be able to use GIS (Geographical Information System) data on Google Earth and Digi-Map together with their own local fieldwork recording and interpretation to consolidate their understanding of key concepts such as location, distribution and change.

Above all it is hoped that the children will gain an awareness of what geographers do, i.e. study the interactions or connections of people with environments and begin the process of becoming ‘good geographers’ as well as being ‘good at geography’. Through this they will endeavour to appreciate the world around us, God's wonderful creation, and consider their actions so that they become responsible citizens and look after God's world. 



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